DIY Facial – Routine For Puffiness and Blotchy Skin


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Products Included: 6 Mini Dose & 1 Mask

1EN-SM Net-Nrj Cleanser

2EZ-SM Enzy Peel Double Action Exfoliating Mask

3NS-SM Njr-Soin Antioixdant Serum

4L0-SM Lipo Oval Concentrate

5L0-SM Lipo Oval Mask

6BL-SM Blepharo Light Eye Cream

7SD-SM Salva Derm Moisturiser

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Description & Order Of Application

Begin with STEPS 1, 2 & 3: Stimulate and prep the skin with NRJ-NET cleansing mask, the Double action Enzy Peel exfoliation and NRJ-SOIN antioxidant serum for non-sensitive skin.

  • 1EN Cleanser
  • 2EZ Exfoliation
  • 3SN Serum

Follow with STEPS 4 & 5: Apply Correction Products:  Lipo-Oval Target concentrate and Active Gel Mask are powerful targeted care to relieve facial swelling, puffy eyes and blotchy dull complexions. This sculpting concentrate contains caffeine and niacinamide (vitamin B3) to boost circulation and stimulate fat-splitting properties, as well as precious red algae.

  • 5LO LIPO-OVAL active gel bamboo MASK.

Follow with STEP 6:  to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Blepharo Light will restore the skin’s firmness and resilience, softening and moisturising the fragile skin around the eyes.

  • 6BL BLEPHORO-LIGHT eye gel
  • Finish with STEP 7:  prebiotic moisturiser to strengthen the skin barrier with skin-identical vitamins and ceramides.


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